Government of Maharashtra’s


of Arts, Science & Commerce

Computer Science


The Department of Computer Science at Ismail Yusuf College Jogeshwari (E), Mumbai, is a prominent self-financed department under the Government of Maharashtra. Established in 1996, it has been running an undergraduate program in computer science. The department is known for delivering high-quality teaching, fostering a research-oriented mindset among undergraduates. Our faculty is well-qualified, bringing industrial experience and a strong commitment to teaching and research. We offer internal project training for students and boast high-configuration PCs, projectors, IoT kits, and smart tools for practical sessions. The department actively organizes seminars, national and international conferences in collaboration with other college departments. Annual industrial visits are organized, and around 90% of our students are successfully employed in various industries.


To induce sustainable ICT-learning and behavioral pattern in the graduates. So that, they share and serve the nation, by creating innovative eco-conscious technologies which will set the benchmark for technologies and institutions through research in Computer Science.


To produce qualified and motivated graduates who shall develop the ability to generate innovative ideas, problem solving capability, team-spirit, leadership qualities, eco-ethical responsibilities and employability skills so that they contribute to the development of the nation.


The goals of the department are to prepare students for graduate training in some specialized area of computer science, to prepare students for jobs in industry, business or government.