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M.Com Business Management


M.Com (Business Management) is a two year (Sem I to IV) post graduate programme. Generally, this course is perused to take entry into teaching profession as well as in the HR & Marketing fields. After passing M.Com with 55% and above, one can go for Assistant Professor in the subject of Commerce at junior and Degree college. College provides support in NET / SET and PhD registration. This program is designed for students who want to enhance their business knowledge and develop specialized skills in areas such as Accounting, Marketing, Finance & Management. 

FCA N.G. Gokani


  • To be an Institution of excellence in  management education by providing high quality contents to inspire and transform young lives in the global community. 
  • To orient the student towards the research and competitive examination in the area of commerce and management.


  • To Pioneer in Management Education by contributing to human knowledge which enables the students to have a strong sense of responsibility towards the society.
  • To empower and guide students with appropriate training and technique's to shape them for competitive world.
  • To engage and invest in entrepreneurial activities towards flexibility and innovation.
  • To produce UGC-NET /SET qualified candidate for the teaching industry.


  • To  Understand the functions of business administration .
  • To acquire and practice leadership and negotiation skills .
  • To demonstrate analysis and  information literacy skills.
  • To solve problems and make decisions in global context.

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