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  • The Department of History was established with the founding of the institution in 1930. The renowned historian N. L. Ahmed who later became the principal of the college.
  • The Department was blessed by the eminent historian Prof. J.V.Naik (1972) then, the Head of the Department of History, University of Mumbai.
  • Prof. Aravind Ganachari served twenty seven years in the department and joined University of Mumbai in June 2000 and retired in 2013 as the Head of the Department of History.
  • Dr. Flory Dsouza Head from 2000 to 2009 and then principal, Kamaladevi Mehta College, Mumbai.
  • Dr. Sandesh Wagh, Head of the Department of History, University of Mumbai, is the Alumni of the Institution.
  • The Department provides opportunities for postgraduate study, offering advanced degree programs for students. M.A(Self Finance Course)
  • Department offers an excellent library with a vast collection of historical books, journals, and digital sources, providing students with access to rich resources for their academic and research endeavors.
  • Our faculty members bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the classroom, with diverse research interests and professional backgrounds that enrich the learning experience and inspire students to pursue their academic passions.
  • We integrate innovative co-curricular activities into our curriculum, providing students with hands-on experiences, Heritage Walk, Field Visit, Quiz, Workshops, cultural events that deepen their understanding of historical concepts and knowledge which enrich to their personal growth.


To acquaint students with the history of India, landmarks in world history, understanding significance of the various movements, society, culture, heritage along with new trends and approaches in history


To enhance spirit of inquiry,  innovations and research, effective communication, career development, ethical responsibility, digital literacy, teamwork and ability to adapt in the multicultural society through teaching learning process.


  • To offer quality education. 
  • To acquaint students with regional, national, and world history.
  • To promote inclusive development of students.

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